Texas P5 Elite

Texas P5 Elite boys and girls team’s success goes beyond the game.
Apex P5 Elite Sports, LLC recognizes the great demand placed on students who participate in high school and intercollegiate athletics. Our mission is to require athletes to be students first by defining expectations on and off the court.

Camps, Academies & Tournaments

Team members have an opportunity to participate in skill training camps and academies to sharpen their basketball skills in order to compete in national and international basketball tournaments.

Team, Individual & Small Group Training

Bi-weekly team trainings are held to improve team members’ basketball game. Individual and small group training is available for team members, upon request.

College Prep

Tutoring and SAT/ACTprep is available for our team members.

College and Beyond

Sports management assistance is available for professional prospects looking to advance their game to the professional level.

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